Monday 9 March 2015

Raising Your Sexual Status

A lot of the problems with American chicks is that a 4 (slightly below average) thinks she is a 6 (slightly above average) who deserves an 8 (high quality). These women never get the 8. However, what they do is randomly screw men who are anywhere from a 1 to a 6. Most of the time they are stuck up, wanting that 8. But much like their eating, which involves several days of strict control followed by a binge once or twice a week, they’d sleep with anybody.

All women are like this, beautiful, ugly, single, married, young, old. Their status is mostly fixed. Most of the time they will only consider that high end range of their status. But alot of the time they will grab a random person from somewhere in a range around their status. Let’s say she is a 6. Most of the time she won’t even glance at any guy who isn’t a 10. But once or twice a month, she’d grab a 4. Once she has sex with that 4, HE BECOMES ONE OF THE GUYS SHE’D HAVE SEX WITH AT ANY TIME.
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If you’re a 5 (ie most guys), you either need to limit yourself initially to women who you are a 10 for OR you need to improve your timing and be able to tell when women are in slut mode. Learn where women go when they are about to binge. Learn the behaviors they exhibit so you can first identify them and then exploit them.

Here’s the interesting part. A man’s status is not fixed for the most part. He can climb up the ladder by the number and quality of the women he is with. The average guy becomes a 10 when he is sleeping with 3 or 4 women 8 and above.

Since this is the game women actually play (as opposed to the love/marriage/commitment they lie that they actually want), men should become good at it and play to win.
Sexual Status is Similar to Employment Status
Sexual status for men is similar to being in the workforce. If you are unemployed and you apply for a job, everyone assumes you are an unemployable loser. But, if you go on exploratory interviews when you already have a job and make it clear that you love your job and would only consider being lured away for a 10% raise, etc. because you feel you could handle more important responsibilities, everyone wants to hire you. If you aren’t getting any, you give off defeated loser vibes and women look at you and assume the reason you have no lover is because you aren’t good enough for one. But as soon as you get one, all the girls just one step above her status-wise want to lure you away. The more women you have at one time, the more valuable you are.

The important thing is what you do after you get the first one. You need to immediately use that status to get another woman (to prevent the first ones leaving from being as leverage against you or becoming “unemployed” again). Then another, and probably one more just to be safe (each one is easier than the last, as long as they are all of the same status). Then you can start working on higher status chicks (younger, sexier/prettier, better personality, educated, wealthy etc.). You climb up the ladder this way. Keeping more than one prevents you from being pushed down the ladder. Any time you allow a woman to become monogamous you get pushed down a few rungs and held in place. You can only go down from there (and she will continuously try to push you down). That’s a big difference between men and women. Men always try to push their women up the ladder and make them and their lives better. Women want to push you down the ladder so they feel justified/safe to degrade you. Don’t let them do this.

The best solution to this problem is to enter a social situation where there are lots and lots of single women who are looking immediately to get a boyfriend. The number one place for that is college. Four year, resident living, slacker colleges (state colleges all the way up to big ten) are best for this. Every fall the freshmen show up and want a boyfriend within a couple of days. Better quality schools, especially engineering schools, aren’t very good because the women who go there are either dykes or neurotic freaks that care only about their GPA. Community colleges are good but only if you go during the day.
The Moment You Ask a Woman for Something, Your Value Plummets
I will go so far as to say you cannot ask a woman out (or for anything else, for that matter). The very minute you ask for something, anything, your value plummets. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the fact that the woman is insane. The incredible irony of this is, the woman was probably interested in you, if she’s hanging out with you, but the moment you show interest or ask for something, or try to impress her, you become worthless in her eyes.

This is why it is so important that your initial approach is oblique, feigning disinterest and focussing on attracting her rather than pursuing her. It’s also why you should never, EVER approach a woman who doesn’t show clear signs of interest. And, you are probably wasting your time with anyone but one percenters (the 1% of women who will show strong signs of interest if you elicit them). Identifying the right woman is far more important than the approach (although the wrong approach will also lead to failure).

It sucks. But what can you do. Women are nuts.
Gaining Status
The way you get power with women is to get one, and then you have slightly more power with women than you had before. Where most men fuck up is they immediately stop trying to be with any woman except who they are already with. This is a normal and natural thing to do. You are SUPPOSED to seek a deeper relationship and foster love between you. But women just aren’t interested in that and actually disrespect any man who follows that strategy with women. What you should do is keep on looking for women and use the extra oomph you have from already being involved to more easily get a second. This gives you even more power with women so you can get a third. Now, it’s time to use that extra power to get rid of the ugliest one and replace her with a higher status woman. In general, women who are married are the lowest status as are fat women (i.e. they make a good starting point). Older women have lower status than younger ones. Richer girls are more status than poor, uneducated ones. And everyone knows that pretty girls and sexy girls (not necessary the same thing) have the highest status of all.

The only way to have power with women is to start at the bottom and work your way up. But, somewhere along the way (usually, right at the beginning) the women will try to derail you and get you to be exclusive with them. They rightly point out that it is the normal thing for men and women to do. Unfortunately, they have no intention of doing their part and your status drops dramatically if you take the bait. Simply say no and continue what you are doing. They will try to force you by walking out the door. Let them.
One of the Most Important Reasons to Have More than One Woman at Once
One of the most important reasons to have more than one woman at once.

Because this phenomenon also works in reverse. If a woman sees you with another woman, it does two things. It provides "social proof" that you are attractive. Amazingly, for many, if not most women, it doesn’t matter if you meet THEIR standard for attractiveness, at all. What matters is that other women want you…..that makes you attractive. The other thing is does is it makes women compete over you. They look at dating as a zero sum game. If another woman has you, then there are less men for her.

The end result is that, if you are sleeping around with a lot of women and the women around you know this, they will want to sleep with you too. This issue is FAR stronger than what you look like, how you act, or what you have.

Have I mentioned lately that women are insane?
Social Proofing Has Negative Survival Value
QUOTE: "Women seem to need a lot of consensual validation from other women."
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This is one of the things that really pisses me off about women. NONE of the things that make me a desirable man (money, looks, body, personality etc.) that I work on, mean a damn thing to them. In fact, many of these things are a detriment, as they chase after omega male (scumbag) traits. But, social proofing….THAT matters. I got news for them. Social proofing pretty much means I can’t or simply won’t give them what they want. Social proofing means one of three things. I’m not going to commit, under typical circumstances (me). I’m taken, so you have no chance with me (typical married guy). Or, worst of all, I’m taken and I’m the type of lying, cheating, scum who will do it with someone behind my wife’s back (ie poor character). Social proofing has negative survival value for women. It’s neurotic and unnatural.
You Might as Well Be an Unemployed Loser Living in a Van Down by the River
You haven’t lived until you’ve given a woman hours and hours of continuous orgasmic joy, with the body you’ve spent hours and hours, making hard in the gym, only to have her dump you for some unemployed, drug addict loser who can’t get it up because crack has made him impotent.
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There is no point. You would think that being virile, studly and dominant would get you respect and preference from a woman. It doesn’t. You might as well be a fat lump on the couch that burps. You’ll get the same amount of women (sad, but true) who will be just as loyal and attentive (i.e. not at all) as they would if you expended effort. Same thing with money. Sure, a lot of women are looking for a rich man to feed off of. But success doesn’t garner you respect or preference from women. You might as well be an unemployed loser living in a van down by the river. It just doesn’t matter.
Don't Date Women
The problem with "dating" is that you are spending time and effort to impress and keep them. Firstly, that’s a pain in the ass. It yields meagre rewards for lots of effort. Second, it doesn’t work. They WILL leave. Also, the rewards will be great in the beginning and get crappier as time goes on. Why not get rid of her? Seriously, you shouldn’t be seeing any one woman more than once every couple of weeks or once a month. She will ask for more. Your answer to this (and almost everything any woman, except your mom, asks of you) is no. If she wanders off, oh well. She was going to do that anyway. Ironically, she stays LONGER if you are unavailable. Don’t talk to her on the phone (30 secs = whoops, gotta run, I’m busy). Don’t call her until it is time for her to come over. Hell, don’t talk to her much at all except to tell her to do things. If she says no, dump her. Women only start to say no when they are ready to leave and nothing changes their mind.

The point here is you should be spending almost no energy on any one woman and instead should be focussed on screening the general population for new ones. Women are not sincere and they don’t care even a little bit about you, no matter what you do (although they will pretend otherwise to get something from you). Plus, they are near random in whether they will suck your cock or not 5 minutes after you meet them. The implications for this are immense. You should expend nearly no effort on any woman. Testing for who you will approach is, will she suck your cock….now! Everything else is a lie.……because they have gone out of their way to make it a lie. Of course, don’t tell them that. NEVER tell them that. They will constantly ask you why about different things. The reason you give them should always be some version of, I’m busy or I don’t want to or just NO! They will inevitably give you the ultimatum (spend more time with me or I’m gone). Realize that she already IS gone and is just trying to find out if you will let her torture you or not during her last days. Your answer must always be…..bye bye.

As incredible as it may sound, if you are an emotionally (often physically) unavailable bastard out solely for your own benefit without even a casual regard for her wants and needs, all of her friends will want to fuck you too.
Some Q & A
QUOTE: I have some questions.

1. What behaviours did they exhibit?

2. If you don’t want to be soley with one woman, do the women know about each other/are they OK with this? I always wanted monogamy because I thought it was the hallmark of a serious relationship, not for power.

3. Does this example mean a person doesn’t love you? I wasn’t trying to test him, but you commute to school while dating someone. You don’t have a car at the time and the person thinks you should. But you just borrow your parents’ car because it is easier on you. One day, their car doesn’t start and you call and ask your significat other for a ride to class. The answer is “I wanted you to get your own car, therefore I ain’t taking you nowhere.” Does this mean they don’t care? Is this a test?
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1. This is a tough one because there are so many and they are so varied. They range anywhere from simple flakiness and disrespect of my time (showing up late or not at all) to cutting me down in front of people in public. The first gets you a warning and a stern lecture. The second gets your number erased from my speed dial. There is a basic pattern of escalation. When I lived for 10 years with my fiancĂ© (who later abandoned me in a rather fucked up way….but that’s another story), the behaviours were incredibly extreme and downright bizarre. Then there is the other side of the coin….indifference. The person no longer seems excited to spend time together and doesn’t put any effort into anything. Eventually they wander off and stop calling. Some women have to be dumped for the former. But, most women simply do the latter. They start hot and heavy and then fizzle out. The way I do things, this is not a big deal. But, these same women often pressure me for a monogamous relationship. I’m like, if you can’t maintain interest for 6 months, what makes you think I want to be moving in with you? Also, most women will gab endlessly in narcissistic fashion about the most inane things. Rarely have I been with a woman that bothered to find out much about me in depth. My experience is most women behave themselves and are fun to be around, if you keep them on a short leash. But, if you let them cut you off from “competition” they very quickly become lazy and presumptuous. One thing I have never met any woman who does, is start working together to build a life with her man. I’d love to meet a woman like this. But, I doubt she exists. The types of behaviours I would expect from a woman like this range from the simple getting to know my personality in depth to the complex, starting money making ventures together to support the kids we plan to have. To be blunt, I rarely meet a woman who is sincere, down to earth and makes good decisions, let alone sending that my way. Most are completely involved in airy fairy nonsense, many to the point of being self-destructive and chasing after sensual pleasures. That’s great in limited quantities. But it’s hardly something to build a life together with.
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2. This may come as some surprise to you but most women are more attracted to a man who won’t be monogamous with them than to one who will (and they wonder why I choose the former). If you ask a woman, hey, would you date a man who was seeing other women? Most would say, "Of course not." But, that’s not true. my value as a man goes up, not down, if I “date around”. There are a few things though. You can’t lie….and you can’t burst their bubble. When a woman directly asks, "Are you dating other people?", the answer is yes. When she asks where were you Saturday night, the answer is, "None of your business." But, you don’t leave other women’s underwear hanging around your bedroom either. When a woman asks, "Are you single?", the answer is yes (unless you are married and that’s a whole other thing) Also, most women “date around”. They are seeing more than one man (none tell you this, BTW) and they don’t respect a man who isn’t seeing more than one woman. What they want to do though, is separate you from the other women. Not a problem, except once they have you, they don’t want you anymore! Every time I let a woman become “serious”, she wanders off. Not right away mind you. Instead she leads me on and suddenly changes her mind at a later date. My point here is, the whole thing of a woman looking for a decent man to have a monogamous relationship with, is just a big myth. Either they want to bag you, but have no intention of doing their part in the relationship and, quite frankly, disrespect you for being willing to be bagged….or they WANT you to be the type of man who dates around. Even the women whose self-esteem is so low that they are rarely with a man do this. This is the way things are. I didn’t choose it (quite frankly, I don’t like it). And the way things are is very different than the way they say things are.
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3. That’s a person who is being an asshole. The hallmark of the asshole is unreasonableness. They expect you to rearrange your life and deal with a huge imposition so that you can indulge a minor whim of theirs. Or (as in this case) they are very controlling. They want you to solve a problem you have, their way, rather than your way. If you refuse and do what any assertive, self-determined person would do (choosing your own way to deal with something) and it doesn’t work, they dump a hefty amount of blame on you and even try to punish you in an aggressive or passive-aggressive fashion. The point of what they do is NOT to make things come out right (mostly what they want you to do doesn’t work anyway, lol), but that you do what THEY want. I would say that, no, the way that person is behaving is not what you would see in someone who loves you. There are two things you see in the behavior of someone who loves you. The first is their behavior encourages you to grow and become self-sufficient. The second is they are willing to give up things that don’t really matter to them, so that you can have something that really matters or is important to you. If you have an emergency, they turn off the tube, get their ass off the couch and help you. They also don’t try to make you feel stupid for having the emergency. However they also don’t let you make it a habit of manufacturing emergencies on a regular basis.

Someone who loves you would SUGGEST getting your own car. When you chose to do something else, they would support your right to make that decision. If it didn’t work, they would help you. They neither carry you through life nor let you fall off the cliff from a single bad decision. Someone who did that to me wouldn’t even get the benefit of a phone call to let them know they’ve been dumped.

There is one exception to that. When a person consistently makes decisions that are deviant and way outside the realm of reasonableness….you confront them about it. For example, drug use. Another example, I had an old girlfriend of mine who was whoring around behind her fiancĂ©’s back with guys who had been in jail. I told her that was inappropriate and likely to result in ruining her life. She told me to fuck off… I did. I haven’t spoken to her since.