Monday 9 March 2015

Ritalin and Abusive Schools

This is more than just typical gender bias coming to play. It's hardcore child abuse. Its cooperation among mothers, female teachers and a handful of doctors to get children hooked on dangerous drugs (Ritalin is amphetamine, speed). The DEA is considering restricting Ritalin prescription, the same way it restricts Valium, for the same reason... wide spread abuse leading to recreational use by prescription. Also, Ritalin is one of the most common things used to make crystal meth. It's a widespread problem in schools. Typically, a woman will drag her son to doctor after doctor until she gets one that agrees to prescribe it... because most know damn well the kid does not have ADD and the mother is trying to use drugs to zone out her kid so she can spend her time eating bon bons, drinking, smoking crack, screwing drug dealers or whatever else she does instead of watching her children.

Understand that very bad people have infiltrated our schools with the deliberate intent to harm children. This is one of those ways. The deliberate with-holding of education is another. A third is attempting to brainwash children to accept sick and perverted ideals that are specifically at odds with what their parents want for them. Many women are only too glad to cooperate, unfortunately.

ADD is actually a rather rare condition that is related to to two things... mild to severe mental retardation and drug use. Those commercials you see on TV about possible adult ADD never mention that drug use (and severe alcohol abuse) is almost the exclusive cause of adult ADD. In children, you almost never see ADD (separate from drug use) except in mildly retarded children that got that way because their mothers drank heavily or smoked crack while pregnant.

If your ex-wife is attempting to abuse your children by getting dangerous prescription drugs or surgery for them, you need to get your lawyer on the phone double quick and get an order to cease and desist. Threaten to use it to take away custody (if she won't stop, challenge custody). This issue will come up with frightening regularity.
Abusive Schools
Many teachers know exactly what they are doing by indoctrinating children. They do it on purpose... because they hate men and because they are intentionally trying to be subversive.
Click Pic for "Rites of Passage: Making Boys into Men"
What's going on is most female teachers (especially the lesbian ones) and many male teachers are intentionally trying to instill certain values in the children they teach. They purposefully go against what most parents want their kids to absorb and much of what they are trying to program into our kids is deviant. They mask what they are doing under political correctness.

Typically, what they do is talk about something perfectly reasonable on the surface. Then, the moment you have your back turned, they throw in a bunch of deviant stuff.

For example, there is a big movement to separate out religion from government and our schools. It's perfectly reasonable to want no religion to have undo influence over our government or be taught as doctrine in our schools. But that's not what they are after. What they are after is to have the principals of atheism be dominant in government and be taught as doctrine in our schools. They actively attempt to shame and stamp out belief in God.

A weird twist on this theme is attempting to expose impressionable youths to Islam, Wicca, and other tenants that have a strong sick streak running through them. Specifically, what they do is portray these in an extremely idealistic light, never mentioning the strong undercurrent of evil flowing through those. One thing those kids will never be shown is the legions dancing around and cutting themselves and their neighbours with knives, like certain of the Islamic sects do (nothing to see here).

Other things they try to instil in kids... the idea that abortion is completely right morally, tolerance of the behaviours that lead to the spread of AIDS, promiscuity, homosexuality as a lifestyle choice (rather than a biological fact, for a small percentage of the population), the idea that men are inferior and woman are superior, that America is a country causing most of the evil in the world, tolerance of drug use, tolerance of pedophilia, the fact that certain minorities are over-represented in prison, and have other social problems, is the result of racism rather than choices they made, promiscuity is OK, acting like a man is not OK. The list goes on and on.

Schools are spending more and more time socializing kids in ways their parents would not approve of and less time educating those kids (this includes college, in a big way).

Worse, teachers feel quite smug about doing things to your kids in direct opposition to your rights as a parent. The whole issue of abortion without parental consent is one example. Another is vaccination. In most cases, the law is on your side, but unless you come right out and threaten the teacher with being arrested or sued, they won't stop.

Several people I know have had to do this to put an end to abuse of their children in school... anywhere from medical abuse to trying to get the kids thrown out of school for supposed misbehaviour (that turned out to be nothing more than the teacher simply not liking the kid).

It's a big, big issue that is mostly hidden. Having your kid inappropriately diagnosed as ADD and then force fed dangerous amphetamines and/or barbiturates, is only the tip of the iceberg.

Seriously, if you have kids, you need to keep VERY close tabs on what is happening to them in school. You'll run into everything from psycho man-hating bitches telling him he is a dumbass every 5 minutes, to some mincing, child hungry pedophile putting the moves on him during gym class.

Schools are dangerous for children.
Subversive Teachers
One of the things that bothered me the most was discovering (by meeting these people in my own social circles) that feminists (particularly lesbian feminists) are actively seeking careers as teachers with the specific intent of promoting feminist, anti-man, ideology. To quote one chick, we are being subversive. We want kids to have our values, not their parents’ values. The implication was that their parents’ values were sick, while theirs were good. There are two problems with this. It is completely disrespectful and in no way their place, to make such a decision for children who aren’t theirs. The other problem is the parents values are actually normal (that’s why their lives are fulfilling, stable and sane) while the lesbians’ values are totally fucked up (that’s why their lives are miserable, unstable and constantly filled with insane situations).

We need to pass strict laws on what teachers are allowed to do in the classroom. Children are sent to school to learn skills and knowledge, not (usually sick) social conditioning.
The Benefits of Boys Only Schools
Boys want girls but girls only want boys who are part of the criminal class of society (their mothers taught them that boys like this are desirable by choosing men who are like this). Boys from that class can barely read. So, to avoid becoming low status, boys avoid all those things that are connected with being a normal, educated man. They start getting involved with things that attract girls, like drug use and gang violence. They’ve seen their mother kick out their father and spend time with every loser on the planet, so they think that’s what a successful man is all about. An unsuccessful man was their father who wanted to stay but was forced away and probably victimized financially by mom (ie he’s powerless, a loser, a failure). And people wonder why young boys want to emulate the criminal?

By having a boy’s only school, the men who ran it were able to control what brought a boy status. Gee, what surprise, academic success brings status in that environment so boys there seek it. That would have ended with the first girl student admitted.

If it was the straight A student/captain of the football team that was popular with girls, things would be different. Instead, it’s the failing drug addict smoking pot behind the gym while cutting classes. If he’s carrying a gun, he’s even more attractive.
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"If the classroom situation is very heteropatriarchal -- a large beginning class of 50 to 60 students, say, with few feminist students -- I am likely to define my task as largely one of recruitment...of persuading students that women are oppressed." -- said Professor Joyce Trebilcot of Washington University in Who Stole Feminism: How Women Have Betrayed Women.
"Give us the child for 8 years and it will be Bolshevik forever." -- V.I. Lenin
"We must declare openly what is concealed, namely, the political function of the school...It is to construct communist society." -- V.I. Lenin
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