Wednesday 11 March 2015

Table of Contents - Glossary

. ". . . The fact is that males and females are like two substances combined in different proportions, but with either element never wholly missing. 

We find, so to speak, never either a man or a woman, but only the male condition and the female condition. Any individual is never to be designated merely as a man or a woman, but by a formula showing that it is a composite of male and female characters in different proportions." -- Otto Weininger, Sex and Character
Chapter One: Introduction
Part 1: The Masculine Principle 

Part 2: Generalizing in a Politically Correct World 
Part 3: Peer Reviewed Research: The Holy Grail of Truth? 
Part 4: The Truth About Misogyny
Part 5: A Guide to Birdwatching

Chapter Two: Sexuality
Part 1: Male and Female: Equal But Different
Part 2: Sex Sells (Hypergamy Explained)
Part 3: Love is for Suckers... Blood Suckers
Part 4: The Garden of Eden, Empty Vessels and Relative Truth

Part 5: The Myth of Tiresias and the Ten Pleasures of Sex 
Part 6: You're Such a Tool! (Briffault's law)
Part 7: Rites of Passage - Making Boys into Men
Part 8: Woman: The Most Responsible Teenager In The House?
Part 9: The Amazon Women (The Science of "Why Males Exist") 

Part 10: Testing, Testing... 1, 2, 3... Testing
Chapter Three: The Gender War
Part 1: The Fish and The Bicycle

Part 2: Social Strategy: Why Men Shouldn't Argue With Women
Part 3: The Suffragettes versus The Republic  
Part 4: The Suffragettes versus The Patriarchy
Part 5: The Suffragettes versus The Marketplace
Part 6: The Suffragettes versus The Truth  
Part 7: Father Custody and The Legend of the Selkie  
Part 8: The Fraud of Modern Marriage (Women as Chattel)
Part 9: Feminizing the Decline (Hypergamy & Birthrates) 

Chapter Four: The Pillars and the Plot
Part 1: The Powers That Be 
Part 2: It's Not Marxism Because...
Part 3: Cultural Pillars and Critical Theory 
Part 4: Useful Idiots Play Checkers, Marxists Play Chess 
Part 5: The Family Plot: The Past (Their Oppressors Are Children)
Part 6: The Family Plot: The Present (No-Fault Divorce & Hypergamy) 
Part 7: The Family Plot: The Future (Civil Unions & Shared Parenting)  
Part 8: Following the Masculine Principle is the "Right Way"
Chapter Five: Conclusion
Part 1: Work With the World; Don't Fight Against It
Part 2: The Liberation of Men 
Part 3: The Want of Men Was Their Ruin
Part 4: One Man's Kingdom
- FRA - Father's RIghts Activist 
- FRM - Father's Rights Movement
- Game - The Art of Seduction
- Mangina - A man who supplicates to women to gain their favour
- MRA - Men's Rights Activist
- MRM - Men's Rights Movement
- MM - Men's Movement
- P.U.A. - Pick-up Artist
- Shit Test (aka Fitness Test)
- SJW - Social Justice Warrior
- SMV - Sexual Mating Value
- White Knight - A man who defends a woman no matter her behaviour